Updated January 2019 by Erica Caswell

  1. Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club (YDSC) is committed to ensuring that anyone under the age of 18 is protected and kept safe from harm whilst they are on the club premises and/or taking part in any activity organised by the club.
  2. YDSC believes that all children (i.e. Persons under the age of 18) whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity, have the right to protection from abuse.
  3. YDSC will take all suspicions and allegations of inappropriate behaviour seriously and will respond to them swiftly and appropriately.
  4. YDSC will ensure that all those involved with children at the club are carefully selected and supervised.
  5. Those regularly instructing, coaching or supervising young people will be asked to apply for an Enhanced Criminal Records Disclosure, with Barred List check.
  6. YDSC will ensure that members/employees who volunteer to work with children are aware of and adhere to the YDSC Child Protection Procedure.
  7. YDSC will provide a clear procedure for all members of the club giving guidelines for behaviour in connection with Child Protection issues and instructions for recording and reporting incidents.
  8. The Club will seek written consent from parents/carers before taking photos or video of a child at an event or training session or publishing such images. Parents and spectators should be prepared to identify themselves if requested and state their purpose for photography/filming. If the Club publishes images of children, no identifying information other than names will be included. Any concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography or the inappropriate use of images should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer.
  9. Anyone who is concerned about a young member’s or participant’s welfare, either outside the sport or within the Club, should inform the Club Welfare Officer immediately, in strict confidence. The Club Welfare Officer will follow the correct procedures as laid down in the RYA Flow Chart.
  10.  Any member of the Club failing to comply with the Safeguarding policy or any relevant Codes of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action from the committee.

This policy is based on Guidelines from the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and will be kept under periodic review.