Booking System FAQs

Can I book without having an account? Yes. If you have an account it will remember your details and your order history, but it is not required.
I can’t log in To log in you need the username and password that you set up when you registered. The username is not necessarily your email address unless you specifically put that when registering. It will be in the confirmation email sent when you registered.
I can’t remember my password There is a link for forgotten password on the login page. It will email instructions for resetting to your registered email so you need to enter your correct username or it won’t know who to email. If you have forgotten your username email for help.
I’ve tried many times and the system has locked me out The system is set to lock out users who try too many times to log in with the wrong details. If you are locked out you need to contact for help. As these systems are run by unpaid, volunteer club members you might not get an immediate response.
How do I cancel? If you need to cancel please let us know by email at . It will help if you quote your order number in the confirmatory email. The new policy is not to refund £10 donations for club training unless there are exentuating circumstances. Please do let us know as early as possible as it helps with instructor allocation and if the event is fully booked then someone else could take your place.
Can I transfer a booking to someone else or to a different event? No, transferring bookings is not possible. If you cancel then your space becomes available to anyone to book, so if you want someone else to book your cancelled space you should let them know so they don’t miss out.