Activities and Craft

Grimwith Reservoir is a fantastic venue for many watersports, but there are some limitations on activities either for safety reasons or as a condition of our lease.

Members can use the water at any time so long as there are two or more craft on the water under “buddy” arrangements. Non-members can use the water during club opening times, subject to payment of a day usage fee and must sign in before going on the water and use their own craft / equipment. All craft must have third party insurance of at least £3 million.

Access – The water can only be accessed from the launch areas in front of the club. No access to the water is permitted from anywhere else on the shoreline and landing on the shoreline is not permitted except in emergencies. The western end of the reservoir has out of bounds areas to protect sensitive wildlife areas, shown here.

Permitted Sailing Craft

Sailing Dinghies

  • Any dinghy is permitted so long as it is no faster than a 49er for safety reasons.
  • The one exception is the foiling International Moth and its close derivatives, which are allowed.


Fixed keel boats are not allowed without exception. Any boat with a lifting or retracting keel is allowed subject to the following criteria:

  • Not faster than PN 726 (2015 Number – fixed regardless of any subsequent changes)
  • No longer than 16 feet (4.9m)
  • Must be capable of easy launching and retrieval with usual crew and without motorised aid.


No catamaran faster than 726 PY (or equivalent SCRHS) or longer than 16 feet (4.9m) is permitted. The two exceptions are; (1) any craft suitable for and used by the disabled can be exempt from the length restriction on approval by the committee, and (2) the Olympic pathway Catamaran, but only if sailed exclusively by youths who are actively campaigning the boat (i.e. squad potential).


There are no restrictions on windsurfing. Windsurf foils are allowed, but note the implications of the rocky shoreline. Wing surfing is allowed. eFoils are not permitted.

Other Activities
  • Stand Up Paddle boards (SUPs)  No restrictions.
  • Kayaks / Canoes  No restrictions.
  • Camping  Camping is allowed, but only during specific events as advertised on the club calendar. Tents and motorhomes only. No caravans. More details about camping.
Activities not currently permitted
  • Kitesurfing
  • Motorised craft (including eFoils) other than official club safety boats 
  • Diving
  • Open water swimming