By the kind permission of Yorkshire Water, we are able to allow free camping and overnight stays at the club on a specified occasions. If camping is allowed it will be stated in the event details or Notice of Race. Camping is not permitted outside these times without specific permission.

Please note the following guidance notes as there are certain restrictions on our lease that we must adhere to….

  • Tents and campervans only. Caravans are not permitted under the lease terms.
  • Do not light fires or BBQs anywhere on the site; however you may use the stone BBQ or GAS BBQ on the terrace.
  • No swimming allowed except part of normal sailing and windsurfing activities.
  • Entering the water is not allowed outside normal sailing and windsurfing activities.
  • Pitch your tents on the designated area only. Please protect the grass and reduce wear if possible.
  • If you pitch on the windsurf rigging area of grass above the windsurf ramp you must remove your tents between 10am and 5pm and leave the adjacent parking clear for windsurfers.
  • No tents to be erected before 18.00. All tents should be removed by 10.00 the following day, unless directed otherwise.
  • If you are staying for more than one night please pitch the tent / campervan at the far end of the grass/ car area furthest from the clubhouse.
  • Toilet facilities will be open at night, access via the lower door.
  • There will be no access to other clubhouse facilities. The main clubroom may well be locked.
  • Dispose of your litter in the wheelie bins provided. If none are available, please take your litter home with you.
  • Please respect our neighbours, (yes we do have them), by keeping noise to a minimum and by avoiding unnecessary journeys on the access road at night.
  • At all times : Drive slowly on the access road especially over the cattle grids. Give way to any birds on the road.
  • The access gate will be closed, but not locked, at night.
  • Camping or campervans are not allowed overnight in the public car park above the club at any time.
  • Please respect the out of bounds areas between March and June to protect breeding birds.

And if you bring your dog …

The club and reservoir are located in an environmentally sensitive areas with several species of bird that are being monitored and protected by environmental groups and the habitats being maintained by club members. The committee have fostered good relationships with environmental representatives and other groups such as local farmers, landowners, Yorkshire Water and our residential neighbours. More information here.

Many club members love having dogs around and we appreciate that most dog owners already apply common sense and care for and control their dogs appropriately. However we are obliged to clarify the guidelines to all members to protect the various bird species, to maintain good relationships with all parties and to observe the restrictions in the lease:

– Dogs must be kept on a lead at all time while on club grounds (lease terms)
– Dogs are not allowed in the club house (guide dogs excepted)
– Please care for your dog appropriately and do not leave him/her unattended to go sailing
– Please tidy up any dog fouling
– Please train your dog to be reasonably quiet
– Please control your dog around other members, children, other dogs, visitors, vehicles, launching activities or open event crowds
– While walking the perimeter of the reservoir please be aware of the bird species’ habitats and keep your dog on lead at all times.

The last scenario we want to encounter is a dog off the lead chasing the wildlife in a protected or monitored area, or a dog hurting somebody or damaging something, or a dog getting hurt by a vehicle or trailer. All these scenarios obviously threaten the existence of the club and some cause distress to individuals.