Racing Training

Race Development Training

These sessions  will run form 10am – 4pm and are aimed at those who have already attended the improver sessions and are now independent and reasonably competent sailors ready to move onto racing. The sessions are for both youth and adult sailors and the sessions will be led by highly experienced Race Coach Ian Escritt and his team. Those attending are encouraged to attend all sessions as regularly as possible to make full benefit of the progressive tuition. These sessions must be booked in advance – one booking per person, so 2 needed for a double hander. Coordinator Steve Tulley : Email

Tuition at these training sessions is free to members, although we ask for a voluntary contribution when booking of £10 per person per session towards the cost of fuel for the safety boats and upkeep of training boats and equipment. If you are using a club boat rather than your own please add this when booking which adds £5. By this stage we recommend that you should try to have a boat of your own. Please bear in mind that none of the coordinators, instructors or helpers receive any financial return for their voluntary efforts.


Mon 1 Apr 24
Sat 20 Apr 24
Mon 6 May 24
Sat 1 Jun 24
Sat 22 Jun 24
Sat 27 Jul 24
Sat 31 Aug 24
Sat 14 Sep 24
Sat 28 Sep 24
Sat 19 Oct 24 (Regatta)


Race Officer Refresher Training

Race Development Training