Joining YDSC is easy and straightforward. There is no Joining Fee and annual membership fees are payable by easy & affordable quarterly direct debit.

Annual Membership Fees 2024

Membership fees are collected quarterly by direct debit except for annual payments under £50. Payment by cash or cheque is discouraged and carries a £20 additional charge to cover admin costs.

Adult – Sail / Windsurf / SUP / Canoe Quarterly Direct Debit
– No Berth * (£180 pa) £45.00
– Bank Storage ^ (£200 pa) £50.00
– 1 Berth (£205 pa) £51.25
Family – Sail / Windsurf / SUP / Canoe

– No Berth * (£240 pa) £60.00
– Bank Storage ^ (£260 pa) £65.00
– 1 Berth (£265 pa) £66.25
Dual Club
– (No duty; 1 berth; limited to 12 months only) (£100 pa) £25.00
Additional Fees:
Additional Berth (Adult) (£25 pa) £6.25
Additional Bank Storage (Adult) (£20 pa) £5.00
Additional Berth / Bank Storage (Junior) Free
Junior/Student Annual Payments
– Sail / Windsurf / SUP / Canoe (£25 pa) £25.00
Social member 
– Shore based only, no duty. (£25 pa) £25.00

* Berth means a numbered space in the boat park suitable for a sailing dinghy or windsurf trailer
^ Bank storage means space to store a board or canoe on the grass bank


Family and Adult category subscriptions are collected on a quarterly basis by Direct Debit. The subscription we request will take into account the time of year that you join the club.

All craft kept or used at YDSC (including, but not limited to, dinghies, windsurfers, kayaks, canoes, SUPs) must be covered by third party insurance of at least £3,000,000.

FAMILY includes up to two adult parents/guardians and their children under 18, or in full time education.

ADULT represents one person to Sail / Windsurf / SUP / Canoe

DUAL CLUB represents fully paid up members of another RYA associated club. Proof of current membership and duties is required. Available for first 12 months only, thereafter a full membership category will apply.

JUNIOR/STUDENT represents those under 18 and those over 18 but in full-time education. Berths for Junior/Student craft are free.

SOCIAL MEMBER represents one person who wishes to support the Club and who can become a full member upon payment of the appropriate balance. (Shore based only.)

All the above categories of member will be expected to give a small part of their time to help with the running of the club. For most this simply means doing ‘duties’ at the club. These duties are most often race officer or assistant, safety boat duty, or any other duties that may arise. It is likely that no more than two or three duties a year will be needed from any member. All adults (except Dual Club and Social Members) are expected to undertake these duties. Junior and Junior family members who are old enough are encouraged to help a member of their family or another appropriate adult to do a duty as well. Without this help from members, the charity / club could not operate and we thank all members for their continued support.

To avoid cluttering of the dinghy park, a Boat Storage fee of £180 per annum per boat will be temporarily levied on lapsed members who do not remove their boat(s) from the compound. Current members who have not been active for a considerable length of time may be requested to remove their craft when space for new members is required. If the boat does not look as though it is sailable it may also be moved.

You can download the membership application pack by using the tab at the top of this page or if you require more information, please contact Gill Howard: If you are a higher rate tax payer you may reclaim the additional tax over the basic rate paid, via your tax return. Please complete the declaration and inform us if you are no longer a tax payer.