Hiring club windsurfing equipment

The club has windsurfing kit that is available for hire by club members only. It is kept in the Equipment Store next to the dinghy park. The Equipment Store is usually locked outside of club opening hours so if you intend to use club kit for members’ buddy sailing it will be dependent on there being someone who has a clubhouse key, knows the alarm codes and knows the codes to get the key from the office.

HIRE CHARGES APPLYAll kit is to be signed out – including beginner boards used as SUPs. Instructions are on the dividing wall in the store. This kit is not intended for long term use as an alternative to having your own. If your circumstances mean that the hire charges will limit or prevent you sailing please contact the windsurfers on the committee – Georgina, Gill or Vince –  to discuss options.

Equipment is on a first come first served basis and cannot be reserved in advance. Club training also takes priority so if club training is happening please check with the instructors before you take any kit.

  • Intermediate Boards are not to be left on the rocky foreshore at any time – either on the grass or on the water ONLY.
  • Beginner boards suitable for use as SUPs are on the rack outside marked with a red spot on the tail. You may want to remove the daggerboard, but please replace once finished. Paddles are in the store behind the beginner sails.

As per the sign in the store:

Please note:

  • Hire is for a 2 hour session, but you can carry on if there is nobody waiting to use the kit – please check
  • For rigs, please use the boom with the matching number to the sail – if you use a different boom it might prevent someone else from sailing
  • PLEASE put the kit back as you found it, including securing the uphaul on the boom so it does not drag on the floor as a trip hazard
  • PLEASE report any damage to
  • Do NOT take out two or more rigs in case you want to change up or down – change by all means, but one rig out at a time per person
Intermediate Boards
101 – JP Fun Ride 100L 102 – JP X-cite Ride 134L
103 – AHD Free Diamond 145L 104 – Fanatic Gecko 146L
105 – JP Xcite ride 130L
Intermediate Sails
1 – Goya Freesurf Crossover 5.7m² 2 – Tushingham Storm 5.0m²
3 – Goya Freesurf Crossover 4.5m² 4 – Goya Eclipse 4.5m²
5 – Goya Guru 4.0m² 6 – Sailloft Air 4.4m²
7 – Tiki Pro 3.4m² 8 – Tiki Pro 2.8m²
10 – Tushingham Thunderbird 7.0m²