Risk Assessments

1. Introduction

1.1 Under the Health and Safety Policy for Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club the Committee is responsible for implementation of the Policy in relation to YDSC’s water sport activities.

1.2 These risk assessments have been developed and approved by the Committee and replace any previously put in place by the Committee. These risk assessments will be reviewed periodically by the Committee.

1.3 Sailing, Windsurfing and Powerboating, whether recreational or racing will always incur some risk. Understanding the nature of these risks enables measures to be taken to reduce risks to an acceptable level. These assessments define the potential hazards involved and assess the risk of each hazard. They review what procedures are currently in place to minimize risks and where appropriate make recommendations for further actions to reduce risks to ‘As Low as Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP).

2. Scope

2.1 These Risk Assessments cover all YDSC formally organised sailing, windsurfing and racing and club training. In particular, this includes:

  • Sunday sailing and racing throughout the season
  • Wednesday Evening Series
  • All YDSC open meetings
  • Saturday Sailing
  • Club training events
  • Any other event specifically approved by the Committee
3. Safety Measures in Place

3.1 There are a number of measures in place to mitigate the hazards and reduce the risks involved in sailing activities. These measures are set out in the following controlled documents:

  • The YDSC Health and Safety Policy
  • The YDSC Sailing Instructions
  • The Club Byelaws
  • The Powerboat Checklist
  • Club Operating Procedures for training, coaching and safety
4. Risk Assessment Process

4.1 The assessment process involved identifying potential hazards for specific activities. In particular:

  • Launching and recovery of dinghies and safety boats
  • Dinghy sailing, both racing and cruising
  • Windsurfing
  • Safety boat use on the water
  • Paddlesports

4.2 Potential hazards for each activity were identified from previous experience and knowledge of incidents, particularly those involving Club members and activities. Additional hazards were identified from organisations such as the RYA and RNLI and from incidents reported in the local and national press.

4.3 Each potential hazard was evaluated taking account of the safety measures in place identified in para 3 above. The risk level was evaluated as Low, Medium or High against the following criteria:

  • Death or injury to Club Members, visiting dinghy sailors or members of the public
  • Financial loss to YDSC as a result of damage to Club property or claims from third parties
  • Adverse publicity impacting on the ability of YDSC to continue to function as at present, particularly the ability to continue to organise dinghy racing

4.4 Finally, any additional safety measures were identified which might reduce the risk level, to ALARP. Such additional safety measures should be considered and where appropriate developed and incorporated in the controlled documents identified in para 3.

4.5 Identified potential hazards, risks, precautions in place and additional measures are set out in the attached written risk assessments.

5. Amendments

5.1 Any serious or potentially serious event occurring during Club sailing activities should be investigated by the Committee and where necessary, recommendations made to update these risk assessments and to the sailing management system and its controlled documents.

5.2 This risk assessment should be reviewed periodically by the Committee.

The risk assessments below are password protected for members only. You should have been told the password in your joining documentation and there is an annual reminder in Watersplash. If you cannot find it email for help.