Club Dinghy Hire Information

For Club Members Only

For Club Windsurf Kit Hire see the information in the Equipment Store or use the button below.

  • Boat hire can be paid for by card in advance or on the day via the website but specific boats cannot be reserved in advance.
  • It is a case of going to the club and then choosing a boat on a ‘first come first served’ basis. (There are 29 boats to choose from, so this is rarely a problem.)
  • YDSC Training courses have priority in the use of any club craft – check the club website calendar and training pages to find out if training is taking place.
  • To use the craft safely you must have a basic level of competency. This would normally be an RYA Level 2, or equivalent skill level. Members have a responsibility to only go out in conditions/craft appropriate to their level of skill and be able to self rescue.
  • The duty team, training team or any committee member has the right to ask you to return the craft to shore if deemed that the craft or conditions are unsuitable for your skill level.
  • Treat the equipment with care, it is easy to break something you are not familiar with – if in doubt ASK an experienced club member for help.
  • If you cause or notice any damage/ issues with the boat please report to so that we can fix it.
  • Club boats are for hire primarily to give new members who have recently learnt to sail a chance to consolidate and to ‘try before you buy’. In the long term we encourage members to purchase their own boat.
Hire Charges:
  • Single Handers – £15 full day, £10 after 3pm.
  • Double Handers – £20 full day, £15 after 3pm
  • Family Maximum Charge for use of large crewed boat or multiple boats with families of 4 or more- £40

Note- £5 is charged for adult and youth improvers if using a club boat on a club training session, paid for when booking training session.

How to access club boats:
  • Choose which boat you would like to use and check it is not being used for training or already signed out on the ‘sign out’ sheet.
  • Please pay for the boat hire on the club website: You can do this in advance or on the day using wifi in the club room. Note- this does not reserve you a specific boat, it is just payment.
  • Fill in the ‘sign out’ form to record boat usage.
  • Collect the required boat key fob from the notice board and take it to the galley hatch.
  • Show the galley staff evidence of your payment on your phone (you will receive an email confirmation), they will then attach the key to your fob.
  • If you are unable to pay electronically you can pay cash at the galley, but pay online if you can.
  • Use the key to unlock the tiller which is locked in the back of the equipment store.
  • Leave key and fob on the hook provided by the tiller slot.
  • After use return the tiller to the store and lock it up
  • Return the key to the galley, inform galley staff of any damage/ issues
Club Boats

Junior Boats:

  • 4 x Tera
  • 3 x Topper (separate full and training rigs in equipment store)
  • 2 x Feva

Boats suitable for adults/ teenagers:

  • 7 x Pico
  • 2 x Zest
  • 4 x Laser (separate Full, Radial and 4.7 rigs in equipment store)
  • 2 x Laser 2000
  • 3 x Comet Trio
  • 2 x Laser Stratos
Usage – The boat store
  • The key unlocks the craft’s rudder, which is stored (sometimes with the centreboard too) on the boat store’s back wall. Leave the key on the hook by the rack.
  • Note no key needed for Comets or Stratos as rudder stored in boat but please still pay!
  • Mast and sails are either in the boat store or on the craft.
  • All craft are named and numbered.
  • Rig carefully and take care of sails, ask for help if necessary.
  • Think about informing the safetyboat crew that you are going out.
  • After use, return all equipment to where you found it, stow boat securely and as you found it.
  • Lock the rudder back in store.
  • Return the key to the galley, fill in the sign out sheet and tell the galley re any damage/issue.
If the craft is DAMAGED
  • Use the white board on the sliding door in the boat store, to record any missing/broken parts or damage to a craft.
  • Inform a committee member and email
  • You will not be charged for damage unless you were reckless in its use.